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If you are in need of CPA services we are here to help.  We work with big and small companies as well as individuals to ensure their taxes are done correctly and efficiently.  We will stand up for you should there be an audit. Not only do we offer Tax services but many other accounting services to suit our clients’ needs.

Tax Preparation

Getting your taxes done can be a daunting task for some.  But, for others, it is a breeze and they can just drop off a W2 and let us do all the hard work.  If you are a simple W2 employee without a lot of things going on in your life, we can work with you.  Or, if you are C-Corp, S-corp, Sole Proprietorship, and kind of partnership, LLC, or a Non-Profit Organization we can help you too.  The complexity of tax preparation is different at all levels. However, our qualified trained staff is ready for even the most complex tax preparation.  We work with very large companies to private individuals and understand the different rules at each of the different levels.

Getting your Taxes Done

Tax Preparation for some is simply gathering any of the W2 and other tax documents.  These documents could be your mortgage and retirement fund accounts paperwork that they send or other things.  It is a simple process that you just need to accumulate everything and then send it to us. We will prepare everything for you and fill out the necessary paperwork.  We will need some basic information from you if we haven’t done your tax preparation in the past. For example, we need to know the number of kids and who is head of the household.   Be sure you put with your documents a way to contact you as well as, in case we should have any questions.

Corporation or Business tax preparation is a bit more complex for those individuals.  Keeping proper bookkeeping is important to ensure that your taxes are done properly. This bookkeeping can be done by you or something you employ or we offer this service as well.  General bookkeeping is not hard, it is basically keeping track of profit and expenses. Often times the P&L is needed for business loans and things. A P&L is a profit and loss statement.  This is a statement that you should be able to provide rather quickly should you need it. When you are writing in your expenses you should have a proof of that expense such as a charge on your bank statement or a bill that you paid.  This should all be nicely organized for us to do the tax preparation.  

Completing your taxes

Tax Preparation in general when hiring a certified tax account is pretty easy. You do not have to know any of the laws or various regulations. You simply have to answer our questions honestly and provide the necessary documents. From there we begin filling out your tax preparation forms and will simply ask you to sign them when complete. Be sure you check them first for any errors on our part such as your social security number or other important information. We do our best to make everything perfect, but it’s always good practice to check everything over before signing and sending into the government.

If you should have any questions on what we will need for your tax preparation we are happy to help. Getting your taxes done by us is simple, fast, affordable and reliable. We work with taxes day in and day out and know and understand everything there is to know about the tax system. Let us put this knowledge to work for you. Call now.

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If you are in need of CPA services we are here to help.  We work with individuals and big and small companies!

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