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Lee Janovitz and Associates, is one of the leading Ohio CPA firms, is happy to offer you a free tax planning consultation. If you are considering your options for tax preparation or planning, we are happy to help you explore the possibilities. 

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Cleveland Heights is an inner-ring suburb of Cleveland. It’s the 8th largest city by population in the Greater Cleveland metropolitan area and ranked 20th in the state of Ohio with a population of 46,238. The village of Cleveland Heights was founded in 1903, in 1921 it was named a city. The city covers a total area of 8.13 square miles, of which 8.11 is land and 0.2 is water. The city is almost entirely within the Dugway Brook Watershed.

Cleveland Heights is located in Cuyahoga County and is conveniently located to several larger cities. It’s just 2 miles North of University Heights,  3 miles West of South Euclid, Mayfield, Richmond Heights and Lyndhurst, 2 miles South of Euclid, 7 miles from Cleveland, 30 miles to Akron, 91 miles to Windsor, Canada and 95 miles to Detroit, MI. It’s kind of a city within a city, and its proximity to other large cities makes it a great destination.

The city has a history that goes way back, and it’s filled with all the idyllic charm that history buffs love to dig into. Some of America’s earliest businessmen and philanthropists help get this city to where it is today.

In 1873, John D. Rockefeller acquired 700 acres of land in what is now referred to as Cleveland Heights. In 1938, Rockefeller’s family donated land to the city, which is now Forest Hill Park, a historic urban park. Aside from Rockefeller, there were other important Clevelanders whose names are now synonymous with the city of Cleveland Heights. In 1892, Patrick Calhoun created the Euclid Heights development—the first major subdivision in the area. There was a streetcar line from the subdivision running to the center of Cleveland’s business district.

It wasn’t long after these men began purchasing land and setting up subdivisions that the city began to grow at astonishing rates. The village was incorporated in 1903, by 1910 the city had a population of 5,000 and by 1920 the number grew to 15,396.

Those who call Cleveland Heights their home enjoy the urban-suburban mix and feel—they get to experience all the comforts of suburban living while maintaining the close contact with the larger metropolis of Cleveland. There are ample bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks for residents and visitors alike to enjoy.

The city comes alive in the summertime with folks flooding in from all over to enjoy outdoor concerts at Cain Park. There’s something for everyone to do in Cleveland Heights, and if anything is lacking, it’s just a quick trip into the city. Many families are drawn to this area thanks to the exceptional school systems and friendly atmosphere that Cleveland Heights residents enjoy.

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