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If you are in need of tax services Richmond Heights we are here to help.  We work with big and small companies as well as individuals to ensure their taxes are done correctly and efficiently.  We will stand up for you should there be an audit. Not only do we offer Tax services but many other accounting services to suit our clients’ needs.

Tax Services Richmond Heights

Getting your taxes done can be a daunting task for some.  But, for others, it is a breeze and they can just drop off a W2 and let us do all the hard work.  If you are a simple W2 employee without a lot of things going on in your life, we can work with you.  Or, if you are C-Corp, S-corp, Sole Proprietorship, and kind of partnership, LLC, or a Non-Profit Organization we can help you too.  The complexity of tax preparation is different at all levels. However, our qualified trained staff is ready for even the most complex tax preparation.  We work with very large companies to private individuals and understand the different rules at each of the different levels.

Richmond Heights Tax Services

Richmond Heights is a city located in Ohio. As of the 2010 US Census, the population was 10,546. The city covers a total area of 4.45 square miles, with 4.44 being land and 0.01 being water. The city borders Euclid to the west, Lyndhurst and South Euclid to the South, Highland Heights to the east, and Willoughby Hills to the north. It’s about 15 miles east of downtown Cleveland, making it close to the city amenities but far enough away to maintain a small-town, residential feel.  Nearby neighborhoods of Cleveland Heights, University Heights, and Mayfield.

Richmond Heights was incorporated as a village in 1917. The town was originally known as Claribel; however, it became Richmond Heights in 1918. Then, in 1960, it was incorporated as a city.

Richmond Heights Tax Preparation

As far as development, the area was slow to prosper. It began as a farming community, like many of its neighboring towns. The first major industry to settle in the area was a series of charcoal pits that provided fuel for the iron industry that was rapidly growing in Cleveland.

In 1920 the population was recorded at just 265 residents, and by 1950, it had only grown to 891. It wasn’t until 1953 that the city’s population really began to take off. This was caused by the installation of gas and water mains which attracted more people to the area. Following this, the population grew exponentially, reaching 5,068 by 1960 and 10,095 by 1980. The population saw a slight drop in the 1980s, but then began climbing upwards again by the 1990s. 

Tax Preparation Richmond Heights

The city is mainly residential. The only substantial industry was General Electric Company’s Lamp Glass Department, which used to be located on Highland Rd, but closed back in 1990. That facility later became OMNI Systems, a commercial label printer.

While the city is mainly residential, there’s the Richmond Heights General Hospital, also known as University Hospitals Richmond Medical Center, eight churches, and two major retail areas. The retail areas include the Hillcrest Square Shopping Center and Richmond Town Square—both of which are located at Richmond and Wilson Mills Roads. Richmond Town Square lost is in the process of redevelopment as of 2019.

Tax Services Richmond Heights

You’ll find plenty to do within Richmond Heights, making it an ideal destination both for living and visiting. There are three different city parks that offer year-round entertainment. Additionally, in 2013, the Friends of Euclid Creek led a successful campaign to purchase and create an 8-acre conservation easement along the western edge of the city. Richmond Heights is the quintessential Cleveland suburb with its eclectic mix of small-town and city feels.

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In today’s world, it pays to have an experienced tax professional looking out for your best interests.  Lee Janovitz and Associates have over 20 years experience helping clients just like you with tax preparation in Richmond Heights.  Call today for your free consultation.

Tax Services Richmond Heights

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